Hello there!

A very naive Gwyn wrote the following nice lines in late July, 2004:

A very primitive GwynHi there! If you’re seeing this page, I guess you’ve looked me up somewhere in Second Life – either in the game itself or in th forums.

My name (in Second Life at least) is Gwyneth Llewelyn and I have lived in Uli for almost 10 months or so, a very peaceful neighbourhood, where most residents are artists – either texturers or builders or simply creating art. I loved living in Uli – it has its own charms, unlike many of the "heavilly crowded" regions, crammed up full with malls and bars and casinos and whatever…

In Uli life is quiet and we hang around chatting and visiting each other’s homes. Yes, we had some private parties, and get-togethers like anywhere else. But it’s not a hectic quarter of the world.

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