Help! Do I need therapy??

When do I know that I need therapy for stopping to play Second Life?

1) When you spend more time online playing the game than working for your boss.
2) When a 20-hour day just feels “natural” to you.
3) When every hour spent “off-line” is spent reading programming manuals, looking for new animations in the Internet, or browsing through clothes’ shops to get new ideas.
4) When you wake in the middle of the night remembering that you have forgot to tell something “important” to someone in Second Life.
5) When you actually log in just after remembering that 🙂
6) When suddenly your routine work and daily chores are just not interesting anymore. Your boss complains that you’re not really working as hard and as motivated as before.
7) When you ask yourself: “hey, people are making money out there in Second Life. Real money, not just Linden Dollars. I could perhaps earn as much as US$1000 a month if I work hard, and it’s better than my current job!”
8) When suddenly the people you most hate in the world are the Linden employees. Just imagine, they are PAID to be in the game and help people out with their problems!! Grrr I do it for free every day…
9) When you care more for your neighbors in Second Life than your own neighbors in Real Life. After all, people in Second Life are much more interesting.

and more serious than that…

10) When you start to neglect your own friends and SO in Real Life.

Oops. Now I’m really worried. Perhaps joining this so-called “game” wasn’t such a good idea at all.

I’M AN ADDICT. What should I do now??

For a change, stop updating this website and go back to work…

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