The Soul Solace

Do you think that your Real Life intrudes upon your Second Life experience? Can you separate one from another? And should you do so? Where is the frontier between both?

The Soul Solace Meetings will try to explore our experiences as human beings living in a virtual community. “Avatars are just pretty computer animated graphics, but with a very human soul behind them.” Do you agree or completely disagree? Are relationships and even love “for real”, or is Second Life “just a game” where we even role-play our feelings in a make-believe world? Do you trust other players’ avatars like you trust your family and friends in RL? Why? Or why not?

Bring your experiences, good and bad, and join us in a (slightly) moderated debate by Gwyneth Llewelyn, in a beautiful pavillion set up in lovely Uli. You can get some ideas and starting points for the debate here.

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