Taking offense in Second Life is easier…

In SL that’s not so easy. Your avatar may be laughing a lot, telling jokes, having general fun, but inside it may be weeping. Or you may pose as a fool and be rather a genius instead. As you can be anything, and your persona in SL is defined by what you say and what you do, you tend to jump to the wrong conclusions, when you react in the expected way to those words and actions. Because the “real person” behind the avatar may be quite different from what he/she appears to be!

How can you be sure?

In one of the cases, the person in question posed as a very open-minded intellectual, who had studied a lot about everything, and had very interesting views and opinions on things in general. Since I’m an open-minded person myself (not an intellectual lol… but I tend to read a lot about stuff, both con and pro, to make sure I understand both sides of the argument correctly) I felt naturally attracted to a similar open-minded person. I open up my inner self very easily with likely-minded people.

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