The Aristocracy in Second Life

Second Life is ruled by a benign demitheocracy. What this means is that the Lindens are the rulers – they care for our avatars, they keep the grid running and are further developing it, and they interfere to provide for justice in case of conflict. And they help the residents out. That’s what they do!

It isn’t a true theocracy (rule by the Gods) since the Lindens are “only” demogods: they are omnipotent, meaning that they can do whatever they want to do inworld, without any of us residents to be able to prevent them 🙂 – and they have superpowers to enable them to do things we can’t. They shape the world, and they change the laws of physics of the world. However, they’re NOT omnipresent (but almost 🙂 ) and are not omniscient. Still, they classify at least as demigods…

However, there is another class just below the “reigning demigods”: the aristocracy. Newbies usually laugh when I talk about them; after all, they are “just players”, and have no “superpowers”, so why are they so special? And are they REALLY special?

As most of us have already experienced, being a premium subscriber allows you for comfortable living. L$ 2000 a month is enough to take care of all shopping needs, going to parties, buy furniture, etc. And you’ll probably earn more than that, too, because of rating and dwell. So do you need to “work” to earn more money? And why should you do so? Unless you’re greedy, that is?

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