Hard working in Second Life

Several very observing residents have noticed the “real estate market crash” – since the Lindens have added much more land, prices have fallen down dramatically. With the GOM crash last week, this also means that suddenly we didn’t have any way to bring “fresh” money inworld.

Some analysts predict that the L$ will get weaker compared to the US$. The reason is simple: you can buy more land with the same amount of L$, or, seeing it the other way round, you will be able to spend only part of your money buying land, and keep enough for yourself to buy other things, without the need of going to GOM to exchange US$ for L$. What does this mean? Theoretically, it could mean that residents have more money to spend, thus, prices should be driven up by inflation. We’ll see if that’s going to happen or not!

One interesting side-effect is that for a few weeks at least, “land baroning” won’t be so much profitable (the barons will have to buy now a lot of real estate, when it’s cheap, and try to corner the market in a few weeks, when prices go up again…). Means that people have to go… back to work, instead of living from land sales!

Since I don’t have enough money to participate into the “land baroning affairs”, an unskilled resident like me has few options on “getting a job”. Unfortunately, being a dancer, stripper, escort or slave – the best-payed non-skilled professions in SL – is not for my taste. Fortunately, some nice SL company hired me as marketing manager. That’s much more my style!

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