My interpretation of Philip Linden`s vision

Big words? No. First you have to read who Philip Rosedale (the persona behind Philip Linden) really is. You can check his CV at Linden Lab management page, but to give you an idea, Philip is something like the Steve Jobs of streaming media. When people were playing around with WWW in 1995 and hearing downloaded MIDI files from silly web sites, Philip was doing videoconferencing on the Internet. When people were thinking that the Internet would be a cool way to download videos and WAVs with music, Philip was at RealNetworks developing the RealPlayer, which did streaming using low bandwidth requirements, by putting a plug-in on about every browser that existed at the time, and “invented” the concept of Internet media broadcasting (oh, it had existed for a while, it simply didn’t ever “take off” from the academic structure and entered the private sector). Nowadays RealPlayer is a minor player compared to giants like Apple’s iTunes/Quicktime and Microsoft’s Windows Media Player – or MP3 streaming for the open source community – but RealPlayer was THE solution back in 1996. Philip did it.

And he did it not because he had the best software engineers, the best coders, unlimited funds, or “good friends at high places”. No. He did it because he had a vision. He knew what would come in the future, and he showed the World At Large how it could be done. It worked (and it took some time!). I could give you long list on all the key factors on why he was successful at that time when so many others “failed”, but I won’t go much into it. Internet history is brief, but you can get tons and tons of reports and articles on that.

So what seems to be Philip’s vision for SL?

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