My interpretation of Philip Linden`s vision

Some of us have been privileged to listen “live” (or through the many repeaters) what Philip Linden told SL’s population at large about his visions and the questions he answered for the residents, at the last Town Hall meeting on October, 1st. You can read the official transcript to give you an idea.
Philip Linden at Town Hall Meeting 2004-10-01
Personally (and this blog of mine surely has shown a few mutations since my original plan for it) I believe that Philip Linden should really host two different types of events. One to explain about his visions about SL. The other to answer insignificant and irritating technical questions. The proof that he’s got a golden heart is that he answers both types with the same ease and depth, and treats them with the same respect.

Opinions on his speech have differed, and I have been talking to lots of residents afterwards. It’s so clear to me now how different and varied our own experiences are. Anyone with a business experience (ie. having owned or managed a company, having set goals and objectives for a group of employees, having managed projects inside companies or even the whole company itself) was drooling at the corner of their virtual mouths – be they youngsters in their early teens or old vets with 40 years of business experience. Unfortunately, the number of people with that kind of experience is very diminute compared to the whole of the population. Over 95% of the residents are either students, academics, employees or self-employed as freelancers – no experience in understanding how important a “vision” is for running a successfull company. It’s not ignorance. You can read about it and never get it, you just have to feel it in your bones to be able to understand it.

This means that the vast majority of residents just shrugged their virtual shoulders, shook their heads, and went on saying “yeah, yeah, yabba-dabba-da, it’s all the same ‘we will look into that bug in the future’ but never a real commitment to a delivery date, we will never have that bug fixed, and we have been experiencing it since beta”. This is not being silly, stupid, or plainly egocentric, it’s just ignorance on how things are done in the real world.

I’m not able to convince anyone who hasn’t had a previous working experience to understand my thoughts, so I can only give you a rough idea on what was important of Philip Linden’s “speech”. Not what was important to me (yes, I also was glad to hear about the upcoming Linux version, or the inventory getting a revamp), but what was important to the SL community, the Internet community, and the World At Large.

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