The Luddites strike back!

Both inworld and out there, I have been busy spreading Philip’s vision. The preliminary results are quite fascinating, and I do hope that Linden Lab?’s own marketing department has had much better experiences.

Since the “metaverse building” is something radical for the overall population – they will have to “grow into it” slowly – I tried to concentrate on the groups who I’d expect more willingness to adopt these views.

The first group would be the SL residents, of course. Here, unlike my expectations, I found out a very strong opposition. Basically, the more time people “play” the game, the less they “believe” in LL’s capacities to bring the platform beyond its current state. All seem unanimous to say that for a two-year development, the platform should be much more advanced. And all also think that we have too few residents. Even 4000-5000 new users per month is just a “small growth” compared to other “Internet killer applications”. They may be right, but there are limits to LL’s marketing department – they don’t weave miracles and conjure big campaigns world-wide from scratch.

Also, SL’s growth has “word of mouth” as its most successfull marketing tool. It is not enough, but at least it guarantees a steady supply of “satisfied” new residents. If you like something, you’ll naturally recommend it to 5 more. This is an “almost-universal” old marketing rule!

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