The Linden Vision – Weak Copyrights in the Metaverse

It’s still fresh in my mind, so I guess it’s time to write some thoughts on it, and then I’m going to see if Lordfly Digaridoo’s SL Economy Analysis Blog” already has some insight on the Town Hall meeting yesterday with Cory Linden. I like his economic insights very much, and as one of the leading “economical geniuses” of SL (the other one being Jacqueline Richelieu, of course), I wonder what he’ll say on this subject…

So Linden Lab? now wants to set up an example on digital copyrights. Actually I currently think that their vision is so overwhelming, I’m almost afraid that this will miss completely the point with the totality of the residents – past, present and definitely future. People are really “not ready” for it yet 🙂

In layman’s terms, the proposed change on the permissions’ system (read all about it on Cory’s blog) is technically quite simple. The current system protects the creator, but not the owner. This means that the owner can’t “disassemble” something he just bought to understand how it works.

LL thinks this is actually a “bad thing”. In real life, you can dismantle a toaster you just bought and take a look on what’s inside. Of course, you can also take some parts out and build a better toaster. Eventually, this will lead to a spread of knowledge, enabling people to build better toasters (and why not, make a profit from it).

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