Survival of the Fittest: Will Second Life Be A Success?

On the other hand, they laugh at Electronic Arts because they had promised “over 2 million users” in The Sims Online and peaked out at about 80,000 (there has been a decrease in the past weeks, of course). So things seem not be going very well. Overall feeling is that MMOGs/MMORPGs are too expensive to design and mantain, and that they are not economically viable over a long term period. The main reason for that is “lack of interest” by the players. After a few weeks “visiting the views”, everything is simply not “new” anymore, and it’s time to change to another game – or have the game’s creative staff throw in more content. Of course, that’s one of the reasons why the games are so expensive to maintain! The company needs to fill up the game with content, and more content, and even more content, just to keep players happily paying their monthly fees…

There and The Sims Online seem to encourage players to create their own content in a way. This would mean a longer longevity. However, neither of these games have a realistic “virtual economy”, it looks much more like a way for the company behing those games to make money, than something which “emerges” from the game itself. Still, they are around, and There seems to make money for reselling their technology to the US military. TSO, of course, has the multi-billion EA corporation behind it to sustain the financing. A few dollars lost here or there are always good for taxes 😉

Here is the reason why the media doesn’t “like” Second Life®”. If you list game features and corporate identity side by side, you’ll see that Second Life/Linden Lab hardly fits on any classification. So, the media don’t know what to do about them! Read the MMOG/MMORPG reviews, when coming to SL, there is usually something like “I shoudn’t be reviewing SL, since this is hardly a game” written down. And they are right! SL is hard to review. Why?

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