Project: Lisbon`s Terreiro do Paço in Numbakulla Island

It’s also usual to have sport events at Terreiro do Paço, something hard to recreate in SL, but we will try to do a vehicle competition instead – bring your own vehicle and run it for 10 or 20 rounds across the Terreiro do Paço. This is an event which may become a championship, done on several occasions, and with its own site showing the current classification of the several teams.

Another event will be a reconstitution of a large 18th century popular celebration, appealing to the clothes designers in SL. They have faced the challenge of doing 19th century clothing for Olde London – now it’s the time to do 18th century clothing! This will be completed with dance animations for Minuets and Gavottes (with syncronized dancing), streaming of Baroque music, and a spectacular fireworks display over the Tagus.

After the initial building to create a remarkable place in SL, the secret for the project’ longevity will be the events hosted there. Unlike “automated scenarios” like Spitoonie, Neverland, SimHorror, SimCast or Dark Life – which rely essentially on clever scripting – the Terreiro do Paço will be an “event zone”. We feel that the “human touch” in SL is much neglected and only used by the clubs – thus their success! Here we will have completely different types of events (while certainly including “life” rock music shows as well…) to appeal to a larger part of SL’s population who is tired of having only clubs, contests and trivia for their “socializing” – redefining its appeal.

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