Project: Lisbon`s Terreiro do Paço in Numbakulla Island

Introduction to Cultural Theming

Being still mostly US-centred (two thirds of the Second Life® live in the US), it is not surprising that almost all “thematic builds” in SL are vaguely inspired in American culture – even the ones built by non-US residents. After all, American culture is available world-wide – through movies, books and TV shows, the whole world gets an image (even if an “idealized” one) of the “American look”, and SL is not different. Even non-Americans tend to emulate American styles and themes on their own builds, since they also know that their audience will expect them.

Thus, it’s not unsurprising that clubs, casinos and malls have a very similar aesthetic and functional look. While certain exceptions do exist (ex. Japanese-style areas, Neualtenburg with a realistic medieval German look), there are not many. Perhaps the largest exception so far is the Neverland project, appealing to a “British look” (despite the Peter Pan story and settings having been re-interpreted by both Disney and the later Hollywood production), at least on the Olde London sim.

The current proposal will try to bring the Mediterranean/Atlantic appeal of the Portuguese aesthetical look of the 18th century, incorporating modern-day elements in terms of “entertainment” concepts. The city of Lisbon has been influenced by its particular geography and location, as well as its importance as the cultural capital of Portugal for several centuries.

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