Why discussing governments is so hard…

  • There are things into place that will deal with longevity of the Projekt, allowing new people to come while old ones leave, and keep it going – changing and adapting as needed.
  • There is a model thought about profitability and several ways to tweak it and fine-tune it in order to make it work. Of course it has to be tested “in the field” first. But at least serious thought was put into the profitability system.

So certainly, grouped themed sims, if they want to deal with long-term longevity, will eventually exchange ideas with Neualtenburg. Does this mean that we will see “little Neualtenburg clones popping all over the place”? Actually, I don’t really think so. Most SL residents are too individualistic to group together and organize themselves, when they can get wonderful things built alone (and due to the ever-changing nature of SL, the “urge” to leave a “permanent imprint” on the world is not so strong). I think that getting 40 similar-minded people out of 17,000 is already a small miracle.

And what about Neualtenburg expanding beyond its borders (ie. beyond Anzere)? Again, there are a few problems with that. Neualtenburg itself has a fixed charter by the Lindens – “to preserve themed snow sims”. So, assuming that we can run Neualtenburg for a profit, the idea to get a few more snow sims and replicate the model is certainly tempting for some. The group would have to expand, though, and getting novel ideas to “fill up the extra space”, which is harder (what can you do with 2 snow sims that you can’t do with one? A bigger city? But bigger cities do not generate more income just for “being there”, except for dwell eventually…). One alternative would be to “start over” with a different government model on a completely different sim. But this would stretch the human resources as well – the “original team” would have to make sure they can “do it all over again” while leaving Neualtenburg operational, and not cripple one project with the burden of sustaining another. Finally, there is “organic growth”, ie. people in the neighbourhood of Anzere asking for help/ideas to change their own builds and make it “look like” Neualtenburg, and eventually benefit from advertising/PR as well. I remember one or two buildings just outside Neualtenburg which are absolutely awful and a tribute to bad taste. But we have no “jurisdiction” beyond Anzere. This does not mean that we could not approach the people owning those buildings, offer to restyle them for free, and promise to advertise and promote them. A few will eventually agree to participate in the Projekt as well. Most will get angry just for asking. So I’m not sure how this will work out.

Some closing thoughts (this is a waaaaaaay too long post!). I personally have seen the bad reaction to all kinds of “SL government”. Inspired by Buddhism and similar philosophies, I truly believe that ignorance is the root of most misconceptions and ground fear or hate. By properly explaining what Neualtenburg is and what it certainly isn’t, we give people some “food for thought” – i.e., they will still believe that it’s a Bad Thing, but at least they will be discussing the Projekt based upon facts, and not idle speculating on what they “believe” Neualtenburg to be. In my reasoning, Linden Lab has learned their lesson, and avoid any talk of “SL government” before people get restless again. If there is a time in the way-too-distant future where LL declares the mainland sims under “SL government” – they will make sure that the largest part of SL at that time is completely anarchic and without any rules. So, if we have 300+ sims in the mainland right now, this will only happen when we have a total of 6000+ sims – and probably most of them private sims, or sims hosted on non-Linden co-los, ie. something well beyond 2005, and the release of the source code of SL’s sim server software. This is future speculation, and only reflects the idea that yes, I believe there will be “organized communities” in SL, some even organized by LL, but the vast majority of the land will remain a chaotic and anarchic frontier.

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