Why discussing governments is so hard…

(The conclusion of that episode was simple: Robin pulled LL away from the discussion, and LL set up Live Help instead. This time, they made sure not to ask the community what they thought about that!)

It’s easy to see “how we think”, or, rather, “how the large majority thinks”. Put up a polling system anywhere in SL, make sure all 17,000 residents give their opinion, and the results, unsurprisingly, will be:

  1. An overwhelming majority (> 95%) of the highly creative people here will consider themselves anarchists/libertarians (even if they never really thought of being “labeled” that way).
  2. A vast group (certainly above 60%) are paranoid about their own governments (or governments in general).
  3. A very large group (harder to estimate) does not “trust” a fellow resident with any kind of “authority” (ie. if they have a choice to create a group to do something, or do it by themselves, they will prefer to do it alone).
  4. Another overwhelming majority (again, my estimates show > 95%) believe that SL is an Utopia where they can be whatever they want to be, without any intereference, and, more important than that, this should not change ever.
  5. Despite some griefers, certainly more than 60% of the people agree that the “divine Lindens” manage Utopia pretty well most of the time.
  6. Utopia is supposedly defined as “a place where no one has power over anyone else”.

This “overall image” is certainly not a characteristic of SL itself, but curiously enough, it’s more frequent on groups of highly creative and intelligent people, more in the US than elsewhere, but certainly present throughout most of the western countries.

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