Closing Ball of the DEC Fundraising event in Tupi

DEC Fundraising Event in Second Life®

We are all shocked by the images we get from the TV news and online sites, on how millions of people have lost their homes (or even their cities…), and over a hundred thousand are dead or nearly dead after the rage of the tsunami waves who hit the coast in Asia, after the earthquake early on the 26th of December.
Closing Ball of the DEC Fundraising event in Tupi
All charities in the world quickly started to raise some funds, sometimes with impressive results in such a short time, and DEC, an organization of all major British charities, is no exception. They managed to raise £70 million by the time I’m writing this.

Encouraged by the success, Thinker’s founder Jinny Fonzarelli has tried to raise as much L$ as was humanely possible, by sponsoring a 24-hour event (rather a 24-hour series of events 🙂 ) from noon PST on December, 31st to noon PST on January, 1st. She managed to get a group of people to donate items for raffles and sales, as well as a spot in Tupi to host events and attract people for more donations (and more dwell which also will be donated). Besides her, Fau Ferdinand and Toast Bard also stayed “awake” for those 24 hours, encouraging people to come over and donate L$.

Of course, through GOM and private deals, all these L$ will be converted into “real money”, which will be presented to the DEC as a donation.

Since it was organized in such a short time span, and, unfortunately, during SL’s heavy unstability in the latest days due to faulty hardware with the user server, it’s truly amazing that, after 24 hours – and excluding hosting fees and dwell – she managed to reach the utterly amazing figure of L$ 105,000!

This turned up to be such a big success, that the “party goes on”… this time, with another 24 hours hosted at Willow Caldera’s Brimstone Bar, one of the icons in SL- Let’s see if we can double those figures!

Congratulations, Jinny, and thanks to all who contributed with their time and donations to make all of this possible!

Update: The 24 hours at the Brimstone’s have raised an additional L$ 150,000 or thereabouts. And due to the success of these two events, there will be additional ones online for the next week or so. Take a good look at the Events list!

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