The New World Order

Suddenly, there wasn’t a “free lunch” anymore. A group of residents panicked, or “abandoned ship”. What would they do now that LL wasn’t willing to support them?

This was perhaps the first “wave” of shock, but a second wave soon followed. With no events – or just a very few, and not contest-related – many residents, who relied upon those events to have fun, also went away. They were the unhappy consumers – a large group of party-going residents, whose only contribution to SL was essentially dwell (now named traffic) and, in a limited way, some “entertainment” by appearing at parties and contests. For them, with an eventless SL, this was not entertaining any more. They “abandoned ship” as well.

The third wave was more impressive. These were the many low-quality creators – builders, clothiers, scripters – who relied upon a “rich” society to sell them useless items and low-grade products. Having no free L$ from events to support their standards of living, and no extra L$ from the extra stipends, a large group of residents suddenly understood that living on L$50/week (basic account) is impossible, and even L$500/week is not enough. So, people started to be more careful when spending. Low-quality items suddenly did not find customers in-world, as the now poor residents started to concentrate their money on high-quality products (and entertainment) instead.

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