The New World Order

Talking about change, how many of you creative content providers have logged in to the 1.6 Preview to make sure that all your fabulous, high quality content, is working properly…? Better make sure that you log in and do some testing. Again, there are big changes ahead, and it’s safer to make the tests first, instead of complaining later. Already some residents are designing objects and scripts that will only work in 1.6 – weeks before 1.6 is launched! They’ll have an enormous advantage over the rest of the content creators – who will painstakingly come to the forums and yell, sob, and tear hairs, complaining that LL broke the scripting again, or something, and feeling “left out” when some are already selling 1.6-compatible items. Well, learn to adapt to change. As the old saying says – it’s so much better to be safe than sorry!

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