Second Life® Jobs

To become a dancer, you have three alternatives. Sometimes, jobs are offered on the Classified section of the forums, in You can browse the forum groups to see if someone is hiring. The second way is, some clubs sometimes announce special events just to hire dancers. This has become slightly more rare in later months, so perhaps you should try the third way: go to a club you like, try to get in touch with a club owner, and ask him if a job is available.

Some club owners pay a fixed salary, but expect you to be at their club for a certain amount of hours per week (including mostly all announced events at the club, to get a “full house”). Others rely on tips – either paid directly to the dancers, or through tip boxes.

There is a “career progression” in the dancing business. You can later become a stripper – they usually earn more, but club owners also expect you to have appropriate clothes and a nicely designed avatar, or, in some case, some stripping animations. The last step in this business is “escorting”. There are tales of a male escort having been auctioned for L$ 30,000 for 2 hours, so, this can be a very lucrative job! Like in RL, beginners will probably offer their services at a much lower price.

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