Second Life® Jobs

Second Life® is quite unlike a MMORPG in the sense that you need skills to get a job – or rather, make a living in SL – but, unlike MMORPGs, the skills you need – are your own!

So, there are no buttons to press on dialog boxes that make you “instantly” upgrade an artificial skill which will bump your character into the world of professional services. Instead, you have to apply your own RL skills in SL in order to succeed. During this session, we will try to cover the following types of jobs:

1) Unskilled jobs
2) Classical Skilled jobs
3) Free-lancers and business owners

Unskilled jobs are those that do not require any “outside” skill (ie. RL-related) to be hired. Not surprisingly, there are not many around, and they don’t pay very well. The first type of unskilled job is the night club “dancer”. Since club owners earn some money by attracting crowds – through a complex formula that converts the time and number of people that are inside their club for a period of time into a weekly L$ stipend – it’s natural for them to hire people to attract these crowds and make sure they stay there as long as possible. Dancers are one way to do that.

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