The internationalization of Second Life®

I’m not sure if this is “good” or “bad” for Second Life. In a way, I’d be sorry to travel through a Korean sim, beautifully executed, with thousands of interesting people willing to show me their content, and I’d need an interpreter to get in touch with them. Somehow that feels weird – despite speaking and writing fluently in four languages, I’m pretty well sure that I won’t be able to learn Korean or Russian in my lifetime to be fluent enough to understand them. On the other hand, I also think that this will appeal to so many non-English speakers (they wouldn’t be “afraid” to join a virtual reality where they would be sure to encounter native speakers of their language). You’ll get more and more content creators, able to function in a world where they don’t feel that not speaking English is a handicap. The world will once more grow in unpredictable ways!

Google and similar ventures have adapted their sites to deal with non-English speakers, and they have been very successful. I wonder what will happen to Second Life®. And I also wonder how quickly that will happen.

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