Roots of Self-Organization Are Grafting in SL

Of course, this enjoyment of freedom goes both ways. “Liberty of expression” is too often interpreted by “liberty to do whatever I want, and who cares about the rest of the world”. Discussing the difference between both is, sadly, a question of education – a good topic for discussing at the Thinkers’ events, but not for me to say.

The first “enjoyment” of SL’s freedom leads, naturally, to abuse. That is the state we’re at the moment. It could be foreseen. The larger the population, the most likely you get people unable to distinguish between both freedoms, and since the group understanding only “freedom to abuse” is the largest in RL, itr makes only sense that even in SL this group grows.

Fighting abuse is a full-time job – and not even then successfull. We have this lovely tool called “Abuse Report” which allows us to complain to Linden Lab whenever we see an injustice or feel that our rights – our “freedom” – has been abused. Of course, this is a powerful weapon to put in the hands of residents. You can stuff the abuse report queue with so many reports (again, it’s in your “freedom” to do so…) that LL will only be able to reply to them after months – sometimes too long, since not every resident stays in-world to hear the veredict. And even if he/she does, the harm was done so long ago, that it’s pointless to insist.

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