SL/HTML – Merging the Old 2D World with the New 3D World

It was bound to happen sooner or later – paradigm shifts demand it.

Old technologies do not disappear from one day to the next, they get assimilated, until it’s hard to understand where one stops and the next begins. Sometimes this happens overnight, and we don’t even notice what has happened.

A few months ago – not many in terms of “real life” hours, but an eternity in Second Life® – a brief discussion with Linden Lab exposed the rumour that they were planning to integrate an HTML browser inside the Second Life application client. This is not a revolutionary breakthrough – things like ActiveWorlds or OpenCroquet have done it ages ago, and the world did not shatter and end at that time.

Some eager residents of SL were happy about the idea. At the very least, you would be able to exchange notecards with “rich text”. Perhaps even have a way to browse a bit while in-world – no more need to open up your browser to check the Help pages, do some forum posting, or even insert events directly from in-world.

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