Living one year in Second Life?

It’s true – I’ve been one year in Second Life?. Like any old cliché, it really looks like it was much longer than that. I’m not even sure where I did spend my time when there wasn’t Second Life for me to connect to. Definitely not watching TV – I haven’t owned a TV set since 2000 and will probably never buy one again in my life. So, what did I do? Mostly sleeping a bit more every night, I guess 🙂

One year. Wow. About this time last year, I looked upon people who had been one or more years in SL and wondered, “what would I still find interesting to do in another year? Won’t I get bored? What will be there to discover and explore, that I haven’t seen already?” Well, it’s true that there is still lots of things “undiscovered” for me – like how to properly script particles, weapons or vehicles; or what the most popular places in the private islands are…

From so many self-doubts, through an almost collapse of identity at the very beginning; from dealing with people that wanted to hurt me verbally, to good friends that have remained solid pillars through bad moments — I have experienced a lot. I have to admit, in retrospective, that I have been a painfully slow learner. It’s only when I started to teach classes to new residents or watch how well they adapt that I see how badly I started, and still, had so much fun learning it all.

Nowadays, a new resident drops in, and she takes about 15 minutes to tweak her Appearance and find out how to IM someone else. Probably by the afternoon she’ll be busy scripting, and by the week’s end she’ll have opened a shop or a club and will be yearning for higher goals, while still complaining about how little money she has 🙂 She’ll be trading land like a professional real estate agent on her second week, and furiously posting in the forums things like “why people hate newbies” before she has even completed her two first weeks in-world. And will give me advice about things to do and places to go on her third week.

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