Politics in Second Life®

I know I’m playing with fire here, but I’ll still post some of my thoughts on the subject.

When I started as an utter clueless newbie – and I definitely had a much harder time figuring out things out than most of the current batch of new residents – I was really not sure about what to expect.

I briefly referred that after a week or so I asked to myself “What is Linden Lab trying to accomplish?” I have always been fascinated with conspiracy theories, contemporary myth, and urban legends. It wasn’t hard to extrapolate that Linden Lab® was backed up by a US government agency that was trying out social behaviours with clueless gamers, with the purpose of “training” them towards a “better society” in a virtual environment. Lots of things could point towards this:

  • There.com had sold its technology recently to the US Army. So why shouldn’t LL have done the same?
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