Competition to Second Life®

Gaming Open Market sadly is shutting down their two-year kingdom as undisputed ruler of the money exchanges. It had a different approach ? it was an exchange market, where users would set the price – thus, no wonder people felt that it has the most “reasonable” ratio and the one more correctly representing the “real value” of the L$. It also showed the trend of the market and reflects the fears and the optimism of the users – like any other exchange, it reflected the psychological market. We’ll have to see if the Linden-operated in-world exchange will step in GOM’s shoes and is able to replicate their role in SL’s economy.

But this is apparently just the tip of the iceberg. There were always people exchanging money and accounts at eBay for all sorts of MMORPGs. And even before eBay existed, people had their own ways of selling/reselling money and accounts. It’s not this aspect that makes “competition” threatening.

The point is, there are many, many aspects which may threaten Linden Lab’s continuing success ? and the virtual economy is just one of them.

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