The Church Meetings at the Neufreistadt Kirche

Now, I must obviously explain to everybody who attends that I’m not a religious priestress, teacher, catechist, minister, or whatever you may call an “event hoster” on religious meetings. I’m not even formally trained as a philosopher (although I certainly studied a bit of philosophy, both at high school and later). Hosting an “universal” meeting on religion without formal training is not something to be done lightly. Also, I would certainly desire to achieve a degree of conversation, of inspiring and provoking thoughts, of self-challenging common assumptions and misbeliefs, and keep people focused on spiritual guidelines that are valid for each and every religion, in spite of so many “alleged” differences.

My only help was my ongoing research and reading of Esoteric Christianism. Being raised as a Roman Catholic, it’s not unsurprising that, after some deep thinking, I naturally embraced my own spiritual path, following the teachings of many esoteric Christians, although I tend to concentrate always on the “message” and almost never on the weird concepts related to their cosmogeny. One of my “spiritual guides”, if I may call him that, once told me that this cosmogeny only makes sense to an Enlightened one; that may very well be true, but I’m definitely many years away from that goal, which I highly likely will never attain. Thus, I kept to the more mundane teachings. They’re universal enough to appeal to any religious/spiritual background (one common view of esoterism is that ultimately all paths ascend the same mountain, and that when you are at the summit, no matter what path you choosed, the answers will be precisely the same).

Since it’s hard for me to research a new topic every week, and as attendance is low (around half a dozen people), I’ve kept to a “series” of meetings, always on the same topics. Since people also change every time, there is always an undiscovered angle that can be approached, specially when you have people around with very different religious backgrounds. I think that always make the discussions more interesting!

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