Fourth Generation Second Life® Users

The “older” you are in Second Life®, the more you understand the changes that this world is subject to. Some call it “accelerated change” ? virtual worlds being what they are, there are ways to simulate real processes much quicklier than in “real life”, thus, the hectic and ever-changing nature of Second Life.

First Generation ? “Tekkie Wikkies”

First-generation SL users were mostly a mix of gamers (who came to SL just because they wished to see “yet another MMORPG” and found out what SL’s all about) and programmers (attracted by the advertising promising SL to be a next-generation, rapid-prototyping, games development platform). This is what Prokofy Neva calls the “tekkie wikkies” ? a generation of early adopters who came to see the marvelous new technologies available in Second Life, and get bedazzled (pun intended!) by it.

They’re still Second Life’s most active supporters, enthusiastic in-world users, and untiring evangelisers. Yes, they’ve found out ? like the rest of us, I suppose ? that SL is neither a game, nor a games development platform, although it more resembles the latter than the former: it’s a crippled games development platform. You can do games in SL, but don’t expect to be able to replace Counterstrike or World of Warcraft or whatever you fancy with a SL-developed MMORPG.

Still, the roots of SL’s population are very strongly grafted on top of these early adopters, the “core” of what this world has to offer. Just take a look at who did the LSL wikis or who gets Linden Lab’s thanks for helping to debug and test each new version. Most of them aren’t ever tired of Second Life (yes, for them, it’s an ever-changing challenge!) and will probably be around until the bitter end (whatever that means).

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