“It`s a country?”

Visionaries and a changing world ? the challenge for Linden Lab is how to get the two together.

Early last year, Philip "Linden" Rosedale has been keen to announce to everybody who cared to listen that "Second Life was about building a country" ? with its own society and economy. Linden Lab’s job in the "country-building" was mostly a technical role with some gentle guiding by providing some moderation.

This assumption was easy to understand. Since all content is created by its users, Second Life is not a directed-goal enterprise. With new users every day, this would mean that slowly the virtual world will have to change, as it accomodates more and more users, each one with their unique view on what a virtual world should be.

What Philip and many others who "bought" the "virtual country paradigm" expected was that slowly, over time, people would congregate in this common task. Yes, one day, Second Life will be a virtual country. It already has its own culture, a society with its interests and groups, and a flourishing economy. But the big question, always, was "what is missing?" Or "how do we get from point A (today) to point B (the virtual country of tomorrow)?"

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