Alternatives to Poser for importing animations

Also, compared to “monsters” like Poser, this application is ultra-lightweight, stupefyingly fast, and, well, it does its job well enough. Of course, it doesn’t have Poser’s 250 functions, or Blender’s 250,000 🙂 But what it does, it does well, with a very simple and intuitive interface. You won’t be making the ultimate dance animation with it, but simple things should be possible in a question of minutes and not hours, after installing it 🙂

If you have access to the Second Life forums, you can look at this thread for more information. You’ll see dozens of very eager users of this tool!

There are so many “feature requests” on this thread that poor Vince will have his hands full for ages 🙂 Still, it’s good news, of course. Avimator, however, might not be free — right now, it is, although Vince will happily take Linden dollars as “donations”. If you’re looking for an open source animation creator, you could take a look at SLAT by rod Martin. It’s a good alternative, although it only has a Windows version.

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