Remember the human being…

I would say that something else is at play here. Let’s go back two centuries. People wrote to their lovers and put their emotions and feelings in their carefully hand-written letters. They literally “fell in love” through an exchange of mail. This was customary — it was, to a degree, expected. As late as our parents’ time, “love letters” were part of our civilisation.

What did change?

After all, people still claim to “fall in love” in IRC, in the many IM programs, or by sending emails to each other. To this bold claims, most people’s attitudes are denial, dismissal, or a benevolent smile. “It can happen — but not to me.” In a sense, people who say “not to me” are thinking that they’re “immune” to emotions through electronic media. They frown upon the “sincerity” of people communicating through computers.

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