“We are not listening to you!”

“Linden Lab Encourages Resident Self-Organisation”

After a few weeks of being regularly online at Second Life after joining, you will get Linden Lab’s message coming to your ears from all directions: “Your World. Your Imagination”. Very likely, on your very first day in SL, a helpful Mentor will tell you something like “99.9% of everything you see has been created by the users, not Linden Lab”. And as time goes by, this seems to be validated from all sides ? residents create content, residents offer services, they develop things with SL that weren’t ever possible, and all this meets with the overall approval of other residents, and, of course, of Linden Lab themselves.

Or does it?

It’s unquestionable that Linden Lab has been on the Great Quest for Self-Organisation. Apparently it’s part of their internal policies, or even their mission statement: “Linden Lab Encourages Resident Self-Organisation”. This is not just idle talk; a 100-person start-up barely manages to keep afloat in the sea of 220,000 or so very creative active users. Try running a whole city with just a hundred people and you’ll soon see that it’s next to impossible.

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