The Next-Generation Second Life® Platform

I thought to repost this post I did on the forums, regarding the latest developments and announcements by Linden Lab. To be honest, this is not Linden Lab’s officially presented plan, rather the contrary. By pulling information from bits here and there, from half-told stories, from vague allusions to a distant future, and several other sources, mostly informal, one can get a rough, overall picture of where Linden Lab is heading with their Second Life platform.

Some people have seen my post on the forums on this issue, and asked me “who told you that?”. I feel it’s only fair to answer truthfully: nobody. Thus, I might be totally off-track. There might be some confusion between what Linden Lab is actually doing (or what they should be doing) and my own wishful thinking. I might have read their snippets of information incorrectly. And, more important than that, knowing how Linden Lab works for the past 22 months, might not be enough to have the required insight to interpret their actions correctly.

So, take all the following with the required pinch of salt. Caveat lector 🙂 I still hope you find it interesting.

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