The Octocracy Meets…

Image from PuzzleWorld

Today, June 30th, Linden Lab will officially launch the Second Views programme, in a RL, face-to-face meeting with the following residents:

  • Pham Neutra
  • Oz Spade
  • Nexus Nash
  • Catherine Omega
  • Salazar Jack
  • Alliez Mysterio
  • Kex Godel
  • Stella Costello

Reading the latest Robin blog entry, it seems much more like a mix of a Q&A session and a technical presentation, where those eight residents will simply assist to some cool demos and participate in an open debate, providing input in a limited environment.

So this is what the Octocracy ? a term coined by Prokofy Neva to describe the group of eight residents who will become part of the future Resident Advisory Body ? is going to do. Watch some presentations. Watch cool new technology. Present the “common resident’s” opinion on some major things that Linden Lab has been thinking about, and some technology they’re planning to introduce. Make comments. Watch the Lindens taking notes. And hopefully, bring the results of those meetings back in-world to discuss them.

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