The Post-Human Perspective of `Self´ by Extropia DaSilva (part II)

And here comes the long awaited part II of this fantastic essay of Extropia DaSilva. Enjoy!

– Gwyn

An essay by Extropia DaSilva and her Primary.


Technology trends suggest our definitons of ‘self’ and ‘person’ will need to be re-examined in the future. Is this future best anticipated by thinking of our avatars in the first person perspective (‘I’ am in SL) or the third person (‘she’/’he’ is in SL)?
Other examples would be early films which looked like theatre. It took a while for the language of cinema in terms of editing, camera moves etc to be developed. Even Linden Labs itself fell into the trap. James Cook, Director of Engineering said, ‘initially we thought, “well we’re gonna have to create lots of content so that people will want to come. So maybe we’ll make the first gun and our users will make knock off guns”‘. It must have seemed like a safe bet that gun design would feature so heavily, given the popularity of gunplay in videogames. Instead, ‘the users started building all kinds of wacky stuff that we never imagines was even posible with our system’.

To be fair, on one level you could say these predictions were accurate. You can get minute by minute news updates on the Web, cinema continues to employ techniqes that were perfected on stage and SL residents have made enough guns to satisfy even Neo and Trinity. But there was always an extra element or two that opened up new horizons.

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