It’s time for a well-needed change…

Gwyn smoking at the Portuguese Tasca in Lanercost

Well, times have changed.

It’s 2006, and now weblogging software has definitely leaped ahead. Now we get all the sort of niftynesses that people expect on modern software: support for all sorts of protocols — RSS, ATOM, RDF, you name it. Integration with Technorati,, and Blogshares. Get ads from Google AdSense, integrate with Google’s search engine, use Google Analytics to streamline your software. Manage trackback links, and have permalinks. Support comments where people can either create their own profiles or integrate with their profiles from other sources (like OpenID).

Backoffices of blogging software should still be easy: place title here, write text here, save and post. But it should also give you lots of flexibility: classify articles, add tags, create multiple pages, have restricted articles for logged-in users. Add all sorts of plug-ins for the latest and greatest in technological advances. And, most importantly, create your own templates with total freedom, modify existing ones to your taste, embed PHP inside the whole blog structure — in short, give all sorts of freedom in changing everything according to your personal taste, as opposed to what the weblog programmer thinks it’s a good idea.

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