It’s time for a well-needed change…

Well… here it is. My blog gets a new look, and more important than that, it gets a brand new engine running in the background.

Two years ago, when I started writing these articles, I had to pick a weblogging engine. I’ve evaluated a few, and almost all were very limited, primitive, and rather inflexible — you just got simple things like a place to type your article, save it, and that was it. With a bit of luck, comments would even work 🙂

Later on, weblogging software slowly catched up with new things like RSS feeds and nifty features like auto-classifying posts by month in an archive. Or people logging in to add comments. Still, when it came to making an option — I chose an old content management system with which I was quite familiar with, and tweaked it to “look” like a blog.

The advantage of a professional web content management system is the ability to add to it as you wish; as well as exactly implementing whatever layout you want (not being a web designer, I used some freely available templates instead 🙂 ). Weblogging software came with the same set of 4-5 templates, and with luck, you could change a few colours. Or add perhaps a title with two lines. And not much more. If a community supported the software, you might get one or two sites offering new templates, and a 80-page manual on how to do your own templates… and you could forget anything that needed extra coding, like tying into things like Google AdSense, having a search engine, or — like I have done — show your online status in Second Life 🙂
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