More SL magazines — and their struggle for an audience

In the Grid is one of the most recent offerings. After having seen the evolution of things like the New World Notes, the Herald, or the Metaverse Messenger, which are run by professionals in their areas, and thus of a different quality than most, it’ll be interesting to follow this new magazine, which is described by its author, Miller Copeland, as “’60s-Playboy meets Radar meets McSweeney’s”, it should become a “hip”, trendy, art-related magazine.

Again, the formula for success has been professionalism. This is something that many, many residents are actually scared of — that the necessary requirements of professionalism and RL work experience required to do amazing things in Second Life will be much higher than before. After all, some claim, SL was designed for amateurs, and nobody is supposed to be flaunting their credentials, so why do you need to be a pro in SL to enjoy it?

I’m always reminded of the first questions every newbie has when coming to Second Life: “what do I need to get a job?” What I tell them is that you’ll have to use your real life skills. Some are confused and baffled. The community which comes from the 3D graphical design area, web designers, or programmers, find SL “familiar territory” — this is just a tool, and tools is what they use. But what about the rest of us who are technically challenged? Will there be a place for us as well?

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