More SL magazines — and their struggle for an audience

This trend will continue, not only in-world, but on the SLogosphere as well. As it grows, people simply won’t have time to keep track of all the content being produced there, and you’ll fall back to the blogs/e-Zines that have been written by professional writers, and that provide you with quality content all the time. This will very likely mean going back to the Herald, the NWN, the Metaverse Messenger, and Second Thoughts. Hopefully we’ll be able to add “In the Grid” to that list as well. For now, all I can do is to wish Miller Copeland the great success with this new magazine that he deserves.

And to my 40 or so regular readers every day, I give you all a warm and friendly hug from this amateur that hopefully will still keep you entertained in the future 🙂

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