“Second Life is Web 2.0 more than anything else”, says Castronova

So, I find it quite interesting that in the same week, Second Life gets added to the list of countries on a website, and that the academics that study virtual worlds are at a loss to describe what Second Life is or isn’t.

I feel excited 🙂 The last time this happened to me — paradigm shift — it was around 1993 and I had a grey screen in front of me, mostly with black words, but some (the interesting ones) were in blue and underlined. “What is it for?” I asked my colleagues. “Everything,” was my colleague’s very enlightened answer. The tides of paradigm shifting at the time were immense and unbelievable (I couldn’t imagine that in a year or so after that mystic experience I would be leaving my comfortable job as a researcher, get a loan, start a company, and tour the country telling people on presentations that “One day, people will use this Web thingy to buy books online” and getting laughed at).

I just got that strange feeling about Second Life this week. Again.

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