Another Event on Crowdsourcing…

Theatre in Colonia Nova

Thanks to the Kuurian Expedition in Second Life, there will be an event next Monday, November 13th, at noon SL time, at the Colonia Nova Theatre. Here goes to blurb to that event:
When a company decides that their own customers (or users) should be the ones submitting designs, code, content, documentation, to improve — or even to create — their products, this is called crowdsourcing, a buzzword coined by Wired Magazine’s Jeff Howe (who will be with us on stage) to describe a new model of companies that get free work from their users/customers.

Crowdsourcing is at the core of Second Life – in Jeff’s words, ‘Simply put, without the crowd, Second Life couldn’t exist.’ As residents of Second Life, we’re used to it at all the time. What are its key features? How successful is it? What are the biggest drawbacks? Can any company deploy this model, or what changes will need to be done on a company’s structure to allow it to successfully employ crowdsourcing? Can we use SL’s example to determine the future of crowdsourcing in other companies?

In this session we’ll try to answer a few of those questions, and raise many more!

Thanks to Poinky Malaprop for organising the event and to Jeff Howe who will be on stage as well.
The location is here — the brand new Colonia Nova Theatre. Roman attire is not mandatory, but definitely recommended 🙂 Follow the links on this blog entry to do some required reading on crowdsourcing if you’re willing to learn more and come with your questions to the event.

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