Upgrading Second Life, and Why It Is So Hard To Do So

There are so many uh “professionals” claiming that all Linden Lab does is incompetently handled and amateurish and that they don’t know a thing about how to deliver updates, or maintain a grid, or develop software overall…

Well, I also claim my share of professionalism 😉 Yes, I’ve worked for ISPs dealing with a few tens of thousands of simultaneous users — with far less servers than LL’s 5000 virtual servers or so, though. And yes, my application to work for LL was rejected, very likely because my 12+ years of experience running relatively complex network/server operations were not enough. And they’re right: SL is far more complex than anything I might have worked on 🙂 It shows, at least, that they’re raising a very high threshold when accepting new people to work with them on the mission-critical issues.

Some recent comments on LL’s blog are indeed naive and show a lack of understanding on how the grid operates. Linden Lab does stress-testing. They do have QA procedures — they used to be publicly available on their old wiki, and they even invited residents to suggest and implement new QA procedures (there were not really many who raised to the occasion — and the ones that did, are very likely employees of LL these days). They have a whole grid for public testing purposes. They have at least another grid for internal testing purposes.

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