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[UPDATE 2007-01-07] Prokofy Neva and Torley Linden (thanks guys!) reported that the comments were broken — they would get some sort of redirection to the homepage and “lose” the whole comment. Sorry to everybody who was unable to post any comments. I found out what was seriously wrong: I had two conflicting OpenID plugins trying to “take over” the authentication! The new plugin I’m using is far easier to install! (It might very well become the reference in OpenID authentication plugins). Being silly, I totally forgot to delete lots of old files from the other plugin I had, so, while I could authenticate myself to the WordPress backoffice, the comments section was still trying to use the old plugin — and utterly failing to do that! 🙁 My serious apologies to everybody who tried to post comments and couldn’t, or lost their long posts just because of my failure to correctly remove all the references to the old plugin.
Hopefully everything is working now!

[UPDATE 2006-12-18] The broken permalinks are truly a nightmare, since I have a very old structure that was “imported” from a previous content management system, and all sorts of links pointing to it. Also, the nifty WordPress-to-WordPress plugin that was supposed to make a swifter and easier transition does not respect the posts’ IDs. The result: dumping the old database, reimporting the data (without touching the table structure and the new things I’ve added, like more links), fixing things like wrong character sets… hopefully everything is working better now. A few things were lost in the process, though.
I’m still not overly happy with the layout. I’ve tried to tweak it a bit, but it didn’t provide me with the results I was hoping for. Ah well. The tweaking will continue 🙂
[UPDATE] This should be “sort of” working now. I’m afraid I’ve lost the relationship with previous blog entries. So, “permalinks” are not really so “permalinky” at all. Ah well. The next upgrade will at least use the new structure :) If this really bothers you, just let me know, I’ll try to fix it…
In an effort to update some things at this blog and make it more easier for me to maintain, as well as adding here and there some tweaking, I’ll be making some changes. My apologies if this means that the site might go down for a while…

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