Secrets to Success in Second Life®

This is not uncommon in the real world, either. But it “smells” of the Internet bubble in the dot-com era, where people simply threw money at “good” ideas and expected them to work. More often than not, sustainable ideas were hard to find, but people simply did not know the difference — all they knew was that they had to “buy in” into the “next best idea”.

We’ve learned since then. A great idea that might work in Second Life needs financial soundness. Replicating some models of RL do not work well all the time. A good example is the whole entertainment area — people do not want to pay to get entertainment. They expect clubs and games to be for free — or rather, these days, they even expect to be paid to attend your club. So how do you make enough money to pay for rent? It’s up to your imagination. Most clubs offer other services, or have vendors for products inside their clubs, to be able to pay the rent — they offer content creators a “busy” place with lots of traffic every day (or every hour) as an alternative to the ubiquitous malls, and they provide entertainment around the clock to make sure there are always people around. So the club is just a pretext to drive people to sales. Contrast that to RL, where people expect to be charged when they enter a club. Some business models are totally different in SL, and a crafty entrepreneur has to learn to adapt to the differences.
Last but not least, a word of advice. Never trust people who tell you the way to “easy money” in Second Life. If it were so easy, all you needed to do is to follow a simple step-by-step instruction manual and “get rich soon”. This, obviously enough, includes yours truly — if I really followed my own advice, I wouldn’t be here blogging for a few cents earned through Google AdSense 🙂 Obviously enough, the ones who did, indeed, become successfull in Second Life will not tell you their secrets…

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