Secrets to Success in Second Life®

Imagination and creativity are crucial, but so is tinkering with SL for hours after hours. Sometimes a brand new idea is just waiting around the corner, and the first one to explore it, will become famous.

Sometimes “filling a niche” also suddenly gives birth to an amazing new market. When people understood that the SL default skins are really low-res (deliberately?), they started to create high-res skins instead. Some, like Second Skin, even replace the default ones directly on your hard disk. I mean, it was not a radically new idea — it should have been obvious — but it exploited an opportunity. Similarly, when Event support was dropped by Linden Lab last January, Tringo was invented, and this was so far the best example of something created in SL that managed to be sold in the “real world”. Even today, after years of Tringo having been invented, a huge proportion of all the entertainment events are Tringo-related.

2. Get lots of spare time.

Who cares if you have a good “first” idea, when you don’t have any time to pursue that idea? Remember, it takes time to design, implement, test and market a product in Second Life. It takes a lot of time. Nobody cares if you’re the second person to explore a new idea — only the first one will succeed. Even if you can actually deploy a better product faster, if you’re the second one, you’ll just be a “competitor”.

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