Secrets to Success in Second Life®

I’m have been accused of being an “intellectual” because I have a blog and actually use a spell checker to verify my ortography 🙂

So, to make sure nobody takes me seriously, I have become suddenly inspired by reading yet another Dilbert book by Scott Adams, and, blatantly copying his style, here go a few intelligent tips for making your Second Life® more enjoyable:

Gwyn’s Tips for Success in Second Life®

1. Be the first to have a brand new idea.

It’s not difficult. Second Life is, after all, brand new. Whether you suddenly found an exploit or a way to trick the SL platform to work in a different way as intended, explore that idea immediately, create a new product, and sell it in-world. Excellent examples are things like the invisible avatars, the tiny avatars, animation overriders, GOM, e-Commerce websites that deliver items in-world, or primmed hair. Others, like the old ROAM system by Francis Chung, are an alternative to something that is broken – the teleport system that so often fails. And since Search is so often broken recently, it comes as no surprise that people are all eager to create their own 3rd party search engines — Second 411 and SL Query being good examples.
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