First Ever Questions

This is not easily answered and I usually run a whole class just about that. But basically put, in Second Life, since it’s not a “game” but a virtual world platform, there is no “farming” or “experience levels” to get you along with “skills” to find jobs or such.

Instead, the skills you have, are — you real ones! So, if you’re a 3D modeller, you’ll probably enjoy becoming a builder, and selling houses and furniture for a profit. If you’re a graphical designer, you’ll highly likely be doing clothes or skins or textures soon. If you’re a programmer, you’ll be glad to know that all objects here, to interact with us (the avatars), need to be programmed, and your skills will be well employed. What about social skills? You’ll be able to employ them to host events, parties, organise meetings and weddings. And if you’re good at doing business? Well, probably land transactions or mall ownership is a good career.

But simply put — it’s up to you to find whatever you like, and a way you can employ your real life skills to successfully be an agent of Second Life’s economy!

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