Lies, d**n lies, and statistics

Disclaimer: All information on this article is drawn from several sources, all of them rather easily available by googling for the relevant data. As an exercise for the user, I have not given those sources. Rest assured that you will find links to all the claims, by spending around half an hour searching the Web for each — you’ll see that in many cases I did not mention any data, since I wanted to make sure that everything I found was easily available. There might be several further references down the Google pipe, which I have missed. The point here is that by doing just a bit of research, spending not several days but just an hour or two, you’ll be able to find all the references for yourself. Enjoy the exercise, and feel free to add some comments on what further data you have found out by yourself — you will probably be able to get more interesting tidbits about the nature of the users from the top 10 more visited sites, and draw a comparison with Second Life of how they grew during a similar period, adjusted, of course, for dealing with a major difference: to use any of the services of the ten top sites, all you need is a Web browser and require a few minutes to deal with the interface, while Second Life creates a totally new user experience, requires its own 3D viewer, and an hour or so learning the new interface. This naturally makes Second Life a product that is harder to adopt, and the growing curve will be much shallower than the one for, say, Google.

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