Hotspots: Second Life’s New Controversies

This means that Linden Lab will not disappear shortly, as people have been predicting for, oh, perhaps three years now 🙂 — but will continue to grow and expand their operations. Slowly, of course, but on a solid and positive cash flow, a good income, and a marginal profit. Just what it takes to continue the Road to the Metaverse.

Voice in SL

Due to launch on the next release (May 23), I expect eagerly the impact this will have on people’s lives, when one more layer of anonymity is finally revealed. No more pretension of being someone you’re not; the mist of illusion about your true self is dispelled and Second Life will slowly abandon “the place where you wished to live” to become “the new communication medium of the 21st century”. It’ll be a huge jump into unchartered waters – specially because, as so many point out correctly, there will be no alternative. All Metaverse wannabes these days include voice, even the ones that are just vapourware right now.

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