Apples and Oranges

It’s worth considering these reports, news, and claims for a bit. But first I’d like to thank Moon Adamant for the following metaphor, which I’ll leave for you to meditate upon:

A soccer club and a bank both invest on a huge TV marketing campaign. On the following Sunday, the soccer stadium is full with perhaps 80,000 soccer fans. At the end of the week, the bank attracts a thousand more mortgages. When looking at the poor performance of the bank in failing to attract more customers — compared to the soccer team — should the bank simply give up on advertising?

Look at their respective websites. The soccer team has information, news, and forums. A couple million users post there every day; the site is popular and attracts lots of ad money from Google AdSense or similar sites. The soccer team invests on more technology: video (crossposted to YouTube), merchandising being sold on their e-shop. Hundreds of thousands watch the videos; a few hundreds buy the T-shirts.

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